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Service tailored to blend seamlessly into any estates culture and lifestyle.

In a high crime society it’s vitally important to have 24 hour professional security close and always there. Knightsbridge Security offers our customers a range of comprehensive security solutions.
  • We perform randomly timed patrols
  • Check for open doors, windows, signs of intrusion and vandalism
  • Instant response to break-ins or emergencies
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Monitoring of access to the estate
  • Random bike patrols
  • Armed units on patrol
To ensure the highest level of safety in an estate requires a security partner that is equipped to handle the many varied tasks estate security requires. Some of which may be unique to an estate. We evaluate and analyse each estates unique security needs and has the capability to provide a turn-key security.



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Office number:

021 982 4615

Owen Moore:

073 174 4956

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